TipsFromSiliconValley is 6years old…unfortunately, I’ve lost some posts during the transition from being an employee to a founder again 😉

Due to lack of time, I haven’t been able to share all the great life lessons I’ve learned through my different experiences. It is now time to get back to that and start sharing again.

Hi there! I’m Bruno Didier, entrepreneur since 14 yo. Always found a way to make money in order to have the same life as my friends and do not feel different. I quickly had to learn how to sell something that people want.

I’m a problem solver, engineer, people person, obsessed with automation, customer experience and branding.

I’ve started my first company at 20yo while studying and reached profitability in 3months, moved to San Francisco from Lyon, France. Incubated by Y-Combinator in 2015, I’m the founder of Trackin and Mobydish.

Through my journey, I’ll share what I have learned about technology, tricks, management, startups, Silicon Valley and more.
Always open for coffee to connect with smart people and share information/knowledge. I’ll never stop learning, nor caring for others. 

Let’s get shit done!